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During my time in 2017 at VP Bali, an international volunteer organization with community outreach programs in Ubud, Indonesia, I broadened my professional development by pivoting skills from previous internships into a new field. While in Bali, I helped launch a major rebranding initiative through multiple projects. I developed a fresh brand voice and communication strategy for the copy across their new brand site, and incorporated this messaging through social media campaigns, blog posts, video projects and more. I also spearheaded the content creation for new brand assets implemented across multiple social platforms. 


Brand Voice and Copywriting



Launched March 2017

Brand voice development, messaging strategy, and copywriting



Launched May 2017

Brand voice development, copywriting

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Weekly Blog Posts

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VP Bali Manifesto

"Inspire. Empower. Learn. Grow"


Volunteer Farewells

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Social Media Campaigns


Weekly highlights of the friendly locals who make our community beautifully unique


Weekly ideas for volunteers to get the most out of their experience in Bali

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 Media Kit

Launch of new assets and social media overhaul - March 2017

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