Skills & Strengths

Brand Voice and Copywriting

Both stateside and overseas, my experience in content direction and copywriting allows me to develop unique brand voices for each client. I understand how the smallest details of tone and diction can drive strategic messaging in the right direction across a multitude of platforms. Through past experience in copywriting, scripting video assets, curating content for social media campaigns, and creating in-depth decks, I have learned how to bring the heart of one’s mission and vision clearly to the surface.

Visual Strategy

For clients across diverse industries, I create strategic presentations with carefully chosen typography pairings, color palettes and visual assets. My creative curiosity and detail-oriented work ethic pushes me to always discover fresh ways to turn big ideas into tangible assets. Between campaigns for established artists to business development plans for bold new ideas, I invite you to explore my portfolio to see how my creative development has made me a more well-rounded professional.

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