Juliette Behringer

A smoothie enthusiast and lover of words, driven by cultural curiosity and unique experiences. An effective and detail-oriented storyteller, with a passion to positively impact culture through exposing the beauty of the world we live in. 

I invite you to explore my corner of the internet to see where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, and what has inspired me along the way.

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Skills & Strengths

Brand Voice Development and Copywriting

Both stateside and overseas, my experience in content direction and copywriting allows me to develop unique brand voices for each client. I understand how the smallest details of tone and diction can drive strategic messaging in the right direction across a multitude of platforms. Through past experience in copywriting, scripting video assets, curating content for social media campaigns, and creating in-depth decks, I have learned how to bring the heart of one’s mission and vision clearly to the surface.

Cross-Discipline Collaboration

In offices big and small, I've been fortunate to be involved with multiple projects from development to execution. In each of these experiences I have learned how nothing culminates from a single department alone - and now understand the importance of collaboration and continued learning from contributors on all sides of the equation. In every situation, I aim to discover how each team member's strengths can diversify and fuel ideas forward - doing so through streamlined and effective communication.

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Through all of my personal and professional endeavors, I have always sought to bring positive impact to a changing culture through exposure to art, creativity, and stories.

Following the Beat: Navigating Music Business - Between the grit and grace of Athens, Georgia and the hustle and bustle of New York City, I found outlets big and small to use what I was learning at UGA to bring the creative soul of artists I loved to the surface through social media campaigns and digital marketing. Beyond an album release or nationwide tour, I learned how dynamic collaboration and bold ideas create successful campaigns. 

Taking the Leap: Making Plan B, Plan A - Knowing long-term travel would undoubtedly be a chapter in the future, I took the opportunity shortly after graduation to backpack independently before settling into my career. With a one-way ticket to Hong Kong in January 2017, I solo-hopped through 17 countries crossing the highest highs (hiking the Himalayas) and lowest lows (WWII shipwreck diving) off my bucket list. The greatest outcome however, was the impact this journey made on others, as my passion to tell authentic stories on the road allowed those at home to feel more empowered to take a leap of their own.

Finding Community: Collaboration in Bali - To pivot my skills and broaden my professional experience, I assisted an Indonesian non-profit as they navigated a complete brand overhaul. During these four months I rediscovered my love for language and writing, and joined the Bali coworking community to learn everything I could from the most creative people on earth. These experiences in an entrepreneurial atmosphere and learning to ask “Why Not?”, have fueled my next professional aspirations.

Planting roots: Always Room to Grow - Following my experiences stateside and abroad, I begin every day as a blank slate and end every day with gratitude. I’ve returned home to New York with a fresh creative spirit and a hunger to continue learning in an office that pushes boundaries. I hope to continue my personal mission of positive cultural impact through campaigns that question conventionalism and think forward, bringing the lessons learned from past endeavors into the next professional chapter ahead.