Juliette Behringer

A smoothie enthusiast and lover of words, driven by cultural curiosity and unique experiences. An effective and detail-oriented communicator, with a passion to help others discover the beauty in the world we live through creativity in every community. 

I invite you to explore my corner of the internet to see where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, and what has inspired me along the way.

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Skills & Strengths

Brand Voice and Copywriting

Both stateside and overseas, my experience in content direction and copywriting allows me to develop unique brand voices for each client. I understand how the smallest details of tone and diction can drive strategic messaging in the right direction across a multitude of platforms. Through past experience in copywriting, scripting video assets, curating content for social media campaigns, and creating in-depth decks, I have learned how to bring the heart of one’s mission and vision clearly to the surface.

Visual Strategy

For clients across diverse industries, I create strategic presentations with carefully chosen typography pairings, color palettes and visual assets. My creative curiosity and detail-oriented work ethic pushes me to always discover fresh ways to turn big ideas into tangible assets. Between campaigns for established artists to business development plans for bold new ideas, I invite you to explore my portfolio to see how my creative development has made me a more well-rounded professional.

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As a Long Island native, the New York City music scene was my first home. In 2012, I traded in my winter coat for the friendliness of the south at University of Georgia. As a huge change from that of New York, the music community of Athens, GA immediately stole my heart and reinvigorated my love for the industry. Football quickly became my second love.

As a Public Relations major in UGA's Music Business Certificate Program, I was lucky enough to become involved with Georgia’s historic venues while developing my professional network in New York each summer. These diverse opportunities broadened not only my musical taste, but also my understanding of other industries to see how dynamic collaboration creates successful brands.

For a change of scene, I spent the first half of 2015 studying in Southeast Asia. Living in northern Thailand, the smallest experiences in my everyday routine brought out the best parts of me I didn't know existed. Feeling small became comfortable, and my faith in the goodness of people was revived. Aside from the places visited and the history absorbed, the people I met from around the world have each had a lasting impact on my awareness of other cultures, and my curiosity to learn more.

In 2016, that lasting impact turned into action. My backpack and I returned to Southeast Asia, where the impermanence of my experiences kept me on my toes and the smallest inklings of beauty in my day kept me inspired. Working first with a local organization in Ubud, Bali, I began to pivot skills from previous experiences and broaden my professional development. There, I rediscovered my love for language and writing, and zeroed in on my passion to help other young people take the leap and travel with purpose. Beginning in the Philippines and finishing in Ireland, I returned home to the United States in January 2017 with a newfound knack for quick problem solving and a creative spirit ready to find a new home. 

Following my experiences stateside and abroad, I begin every day as a blank slate and end every day with gratitude. As my next chapter unfolds, I look forward to bringing the lessons learned from past endeavors into all adventures ahead.